R06 - Financial Planning Practice

R06  Financial Planning PractiseFinancial Planning Practice - R06

Please note that our R06 material is suitable for the July 2014 exam and is available as an MP3 download by clicking on the Buy Now button below.  Material will be updated over the summer for the October 2014 exam and beyond.





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The key areas of each module is shown below.

Module 1 (16 minutes)
R06 and exam technique
Structure of the Diploma exam | Exam preparation | 6 golden rules for the exam
Module 2 (25 minutes)
Establishing and maintaining the basis of the client relationship
The six ISO 22222 financial planning standards | adviser responsibilities | terms of business | the five principal remuneration methods | conflicts of interest | working with other professionals
Module 3 (28 minutes)
Establishing the client’s aims, objectives and risk profile
Establishing the client’s ojectives | six steps of the investment planning process | risk and volatility | standard deviations and sharpe ratios | establishing a client’s risk profile: psychometric risk profiling and stochastic modelling
Module 4 (31 minutes)
Fact Finding
Establishing the client’s circumstances: personal details, income, expenditure, assets and existing policies | identifying inconsistencies
Module 5 (39 minutes)
Synthesising and analysing client data
Compounding and discounting | analysing and summarising client data: cash flow statements, net asset statements, risk assessment, income and CGT position, lifetime cash flow, investments, estate and IHT | prioritising needs
Module 6 (19 minutes)
Formulating the financial plan (stage 1)
Planning for surplus or deficit income | debt planning | protection planning | risks and limitations of each option
Module 7 (48 minutes)
Formulating the financial plan (stage 2)
Formulating plans: investments, education, pensions, estate and IHT planning | risks and limitations of each option
Module 8 (30 minutes)
Formulating the financial plan (stage 3)

Planning issues: marriage, divorce, death, redundancy | long term sickness and care | function and format of the financial plan | monitoring and reviewing the client’s objectives and plans

Module 9 (16 minutes)
Crammer Module
The summaries from the previous modules


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