R05 - Financial Protection

R05 - Financial ProtectionFinancial Protection - R05

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Module 1 (11 minutes)
R05: the exam and preparing for it

Regulated Diploma exam structure . The R05 exam . multiple-choice questions . exam preparation . seven golden rules for the exam

Module 2 (14 minutes)
Market factors and trends in financial protection planning

Impact matrix . consumer attitudes towards financial protection . health and longevity trends . the five trends on design and pricing of protection products . advice and protection products

Module 3 (14 minutes)
Financial protection needs

The eight main types of financial protection cover. five main protection needs . why take out life assurance? . the impact of divorce . assets and liabilities . state support and employer benefits

Module 4 (19 minutes)
State benefits

Means testing and non-contributory . bringing up children: child benefit and child tax credit . low incomes: income support, support for mortgage interest, jobseekers allowance, and working tax credit . the sick and disabled: statutory sick pay, employment and support allowance, attendance allowance, disability living allowance and carer's allowance . older clients: basic state pension, SERPS, S2P,  pension credit and bereavement benefits

Module 5 (33 minutes)
Life assurance

Term and whole of life policies . arranging policies . natural and level premiums . underwriting life assurance . non-disclosure . claims: maturity, death or surrender . suicide and lost policies . life policies written under trust . assignments

Module 6 (18 minutes)
The taxation of protection policies

Qualifying versus non-qualifying policies . the taxation of on-shore and off-shore policies . chargeable gains and life policies . inheritance tax and life assurance

Module 7 (18 minutes)
Income protection insurance
The features of income protection . definition of incapacity . exclusions . underwriting . claims . taxation . group schemes
Module 8 (11 minutes)
Critical illness cover
Different types of policy . market developments . premiums . claims and underwriting . the use of trusts.
Module 9 (30 minutes)
Long term care insurance
What is long term care? . state funding of care . the different types of care . immediate needs annuities . pre-funded insurance . pre-funded investment schemes . equity release . LPAs . viatical settlements . the LTC planning process
Module 10 (15 minutes)
Insurance-based protection products

Personal accident and sickness . private medical insurance .  hospital cash plans . dental plans . mortgage protection insurance . accident, sickness and unemployment insurance

Module 11 (18 minutes)
Personal protection solutions

12 factors to take into account . attitude to risk and affordability . quantifying life cover . quantifying disability and health assurance . redundancy planning . documentation requirements . reviews

Module 12 (18 minutes)
Business protection

Keyperson . share protection insurance . partnership protection . business loans

Module 13 (21 minutes)
Crammer Module

This consists of the summaries of the previous modules.


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