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R01Personal Taxation - R03

Please note that our R03 material is suitable for exams up to 31st August 2014 and is available as an MP3 download by clicking on the Buy Now button below.  Material will be updated over the summer for exams post 1st September, and should be available here in late August.




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The key areas of each module is shown below.

Module 1 (11 minutes)
RO3: the exam and preparing for it

Regulated Diploma exam structure . The R03 exam . multiple-choice questions . exam preparation . 7 golden rules for the exam

Module 2 (31 minutes)
Income tax

Direct and indirect taxes .  types of taxable income . rates of tax .  deductions from income inc pension contributions . benefits in kind . personal allowances

Module 3 (21 minutes)
Income tax calculations

Non-savings, savings and dividend income . personal allowance  . the 6 steps for calculating income tax . taxation and family members . 5 types of trust – how they are taxed

Module 4 (19 minutes)
National insurance

Income subject to NI . class 1 and 1A . IR35  . class 2 . class 4 . class 3

Module 5 (24 minutes)
Capital gains tax

What is a disposal? . valuing assets . chargeable and exempt transfers  . private residences . 6 steps to calculating CGT . CGT reliefs . payment of CGT . CGT and the five trusts

Module 6 (28 minutes)
Inheritance tax

Cumulation . exempt transfers . PETs . chargeable lifetime transfers . transferable nil-rate bands . IHT reliefs . gifts with reservations . POAT . valuation of transfers . IHT and the five trusts

Module 7 (20 minutes)
Residence and domicile

Residence tests . ordinarily resident . domicile . not ordinarily resident . non-doms . remittance basis . self-assessment . double taxation

Module 8 (17 minutes)
Tax compliance and self assessment
Self assessment and important dates . payments on account . penalties . PAYE . tax avoidance v tax evasion . the Ramsey principle
Module 9 (12 minutes)
VAT, corporation tax and stamp duty

Stamp duty: rates, stock transfer . VAT: output and input amounts, registration, rates, administration . Corporation tax: assessing liabilities, rates, dividends, close companies

Module 10 (20 minutes)
Tax treatment of direct investments

Savings: interest, fixed interest, national savings . guaranteed equity bonds . equities . property: buy-to-let, rent-a-room . furnished holiday lets

Module 11 (27 minutes)
Tax on indirect investment products

Registered pension schemes . ISAs . OEICS and unit trusts . reporting and non-reporting funds . qualifying life policies . friendly societies . Annuities . overview of life policies under trust . indirect property investments: REITS, insurance funds, investment trusts . EIS . VCTs

Module 12 (22 minutes)
Tax affairs and tax planning for individuals and trusts

Tax mitigation strategies: income, CGT and NI . estate planning . tax efficient investments . overseas investments

Module 13 (23 minutes)
Crammer module

This consists of the summaries of the previous modules.



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