Trusted Adviser

Target audience:
New and experienced advisers.

To develop and practice key interpersonal and presentation skills that enhance business performance.

1 day

All of our courses are available on an 'in-house basis'. We do not currently provide 'public' courses.

As a result of this training, advisers should be able to:

Ian PattersonRecognise four different types of client relationship and how they apply to your clients

Ian PattersonExplain the five stages of trust building

Ian PattersonUse basic psychological tools to determine how your client is thinking

Ian Patterson Understand the four key behaviour types and:

(i)   explain how their own behaviour shapes relationships

(ii) demonstrate how to adapt their own natural style to match the presentation style of others

Ian PattersonUse features, advantages and benefits in a presentation and match these to the clients needs

Ian Patterson Explain the FSA requirements under Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) as they apply to a recommendation meeting (2nd meeting)

Ian Patterson Deal professionally with queries and objections

Ian Patterson Position the service proposition and ask for referrals.

All of our courses are available on an 'in-house basis'. We do not currently provide 'public' courses.

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