J01 - Personal Tax

Personal Tax - J01

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"I have purchased a CD for J01 earlier this year and have now successfully passed the exam! The CD was very helpful. Please can you send me the J02 CD"
J T York

"Sometimes there is nothing worse than trying to study and the words just don''t make sense - that''s why I''ve found the study CDs so useful from Patterson Audio - especially when in the car or when I need to be learning in another way" Peter Brookes, Training Manager, The co-operative Independent Financial Advisers

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The key areas of each module is shown below.

Module 1 (12 minutes)
J01 and Exam technique
Structure of the Diploma exam | Exam preparation | 6 golden rules to remember in the exam
Module 2 (7 Minutes)
AF1 and the Advanced Diploma
Structure of the Advanced Diploma exam | J01 and J02 | tips on how to approach Advanced Diploma exams
Module 3 (16 minutes)
Taxation and self assessment
The UK Taxation system | self assessment | payment due dates | PAYE | reporting obligations
Module 4 (20 minutes)
Income tax
Definitions e.g. tax liability, tax payable | structuring income tax calculations | savings income | tax reducers | holiday lettings | rent a room relief | child tax credit | working tax credit |

Module 5 (15 minutes)
National insurance contributions

Self employed v employed | class 1 contributions | company directors | class 2 contributions | small earnings exceptions | class 4 contributions and payment dates | class 3 contributions

Module 6 (20 minutes)
Capital gains tax

Rules on disposals | chattels and wasting assets | connected persons | CGT calculations | partial disposals | CGT reliefs: entrepreneurs'', holdover, business rollover, rollover relief on incorporation, reinvestment relief

Module 7 (26 minutes)
Letting residential property | taxation of onshore and offshore investment bonds | distributor and non distributor investments | gilts | PIBS | child trust funds | ISAs | futures and options | EIS | VCTs

Module 8 (26 minutes)
Inheritance tax
Domicile and deemed domicile | exempt transfers | chargeable lifetime transfers | PETs | IHT calculations | gifts with reservation | POAT | agricultural property relief | business property relief | quick succession relief
Module 9 (17 minutes)
Residence and domicile
Definitions: resident, ordinarily resident, domicile, deemed domicile | habitual and substantial test | examples | double taxation
Module 10 (13 minutes)
Crammer Module
The summaries from the previous modules

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