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    Whether it be for an upcoming exam, a new technical aspect of financial planning or simply learning a hobby, it's amazing how much we rely on learning to grow each day. But do you know how you effectively learn?

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Founded in 1995, over 66,000 people have used our audio MP3 exam study material. These cover the CII R01-6 exams, in addition to the CII AF exams AF1 and AF4. Thousands more have attended our popular training courses.

A family firm run by trainers

Founded over 27 years ago, The Patterson Group use subject matter experts dedicated to providing quality skills, senior management and exam support to the financial services profession. They include the authors of six current CII study texts.

Why are we different?

What our students say

... the AF7 audio revision was very robust and in depth giving more than enough of the study material in order to prepare for the majority of the exam with pointers to what areas need further study and review. Given my busy home and work life listening to this on my long commutes has given me the confidence that when sitting the exam I not only felt I knew the answers to the questions in a general capacity but large amounts of information around them and also how to format the answers into what the examiners are looking for.

David Swaby

What our students say

"It's been fantastic, you make everything very clear with examples and by testing my knowledge by asking questions. I went on a training course..... and I understood things a lot more using your audio ... Also very affordable and can listen at any time..... All in all, they have allowed me to pass 4 R0 exams in a short period of time when I have still been having to work in a demanding role. Thanks for all of your help!"

Jack Mason-Brown, Trainee Adviser

What our students say

“It made light work of the calculations explaining them in a way which was easy to absorb. The book and calculations guide has definitely helped me with my study and made me so much more confident when entering the exam."

Richard Carter – Bestinvest Group

What our students say

"You will be pleased to hear that I have passed my AF exam. I could not have done this without your training, of that I am in no doubt. I want to thank you personally for your assistance here. The course was superb, by far the best that I have attended, and your knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject is commendable."

Sam Gibson, Chartered Financial Planner

What our students say

"Thank you for your help and assistance which enabled me to pass my exams. Having failed on two previous occasions I was determined to make it third time lucky. With the assistance of the audio course I was able to study in a time to suit me (i.e. while driving to and from work). It was set out in easy to listen to /bite size chunks which made covering what is a horrible syllabus much easier. I really feel that the audio course was the difference in me passing."

Phil O’Connor, Director Whitewell Financial Planning Limited

What our students say

“I sat and passed AF1 in April 2015 after only studying the AF1 guide and past papers. They are much clearer and more succinct than other study texts I have used in the past. I would recommend them to anyone completing CII studies as they are well worth the cost."

Kate Nolan, Lloyds Banking Group

What our students say

"I purchased your study guide for AF1 and managed to pass with distinction. This was mainly due to the information in your study guide."

Kenny Barlow, Partner of St James’s Place Wealth Management

What our students say

"I found out this morning that I passed AF1 on first attempt and wanted to say thank you as your audio materials have been an essential part of my revision and helped tremendously. I will be sitting AF4 in April and will be definitely purchasing your audio materials. Once again, thank you!"

Once again, thank you!

What our students say

“Delighted to have passed the AF4 exam. A big thanks to the Patterson Group for their audio material, which is essential for AF exams and quite an easy listen as well! I’m a big fan of your audio material. I get at least 2 hours a day in the car and sometimes the gym where I make sure that I listen to the material. It’s so hard with a two year old and working full time to actually sit down with a book."

Matthew Lynch, IFA, Parato Financial Planning

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