AF exam

AF exams: make your study count

Most people who are unsuccessful in a CII AF exam will still be within around 5% of the pass mark In many cases, those that are successful just answer the questions a little bit better, or know a little bit more. Few people like exam study and even fewer like re-sitting


AF1: Free preparation guide

If you are thinking of sitting the CII's AF1 exam, then go into it with your eyes open. Based on the latest CII published results, this is one of the easier AF exams but the pass rate is still just 49% (the latest published results). If you expect to pass purely because yo

CII exam dates 2021

CII Exam dates 2020

Here are the CII exam dates for April and October 2020. The specific times and dates for each exam are: CII exam dates, April 2020 20th April 9.30 AF1. 2.00 AF7. 21st April 9.30 AF4. 22nd April 9.30 AF2 and AF5. CII exam dates, October

FCA T&C supervisor

FCA T&C Supervisor: what you need to know

This article answers the five key questions we get asked about being a FCA T&C supervisor. Rules on Training and Competence (T&C) have been around since 1993 - over 25 years ago - so there isn't anything particularly new about T&C. That said, there are s

AF8 exam

CII AF exams: a week to go

You've got around a week to go before your CII AF exam - what should you be doing to maximise the time you have available? Here are our top 5 tips to make the most of this important time. Tip 1 - don't panic No one ever goes into a CII AF exam thinking they are over-p

CII exam AF7

AF7 exam: the five myths

The CII's AF7 exam is one of the most popular AF exams. I'll make the rash assumption that you are interested in this exam and you would like to pass AF7 first time. In this blog, I'll look at the five common myths about this exam. Myth 1 - the AF7 examiners woul

T&C supervision

T&C supervision: giving feedback

T&C supervision requires effective people skills. If you were passing your manager’s office and they said “do you have a moment, I’ve got some feedback for you”, how would you feel?  Not great eh?  That’s probably because people’s experience of feedback i

FCA T&C supervisor

FCA Business Plan 2019/2020

The FCA has just published it's Business Plan for 2019/20. Anyone who is involved in running a business – as a senior manager or as a supervisor – needs to identify the future risks the firm might face and create a culture where the interests of clients are foremost in

cii exam revision

CII exam revision: the most important tip ever?

With a CII exam - be it an R0 or AF exam - you'll need to retain a wide range of information.  Despite numerous tips and techniques that can help study to be more effective, most people find studying for any exam to be hard work. But if you just had to pick just one ti

CII exam dates 2021

CII AF1 exam: how to pass it

So you want to pass the CII's AF1 exam first time? The good news is that this is a very doable AF exam as long as you prepare in the right way. And the stats bear this out - of the four 'technical' AF exams (AF1, 2, 4, 7), AF1 and 4 are statistically the easiest with a pas