lifestyle financial planning

Lifestyle financial planning: coaching clients

Whether you call it lifestyle financial planning, holistic financial planning or something else, there’s no doubt that this is a popular topic of conversation nowadays. But there’s a problem. No one can quite agree on what it is and how it differs (if at all) from financ

CII AF exams

CII AF exams: study options with four weeks to go

So your CII AF exams are in around four weeks' time. The CII suggest 150 hours of study is required for the written AF exams (100 hours for AF7) and some people will have already have done this amount of work. For many others, the hard work is just about to start.  You'


CII AF exams: Top 10 tips to pass first time

For many people who are on the 'road to chartered' status, the hard work preparing for AF exams starts 4-6 weeks out from the written exam.  The CII suggests 150 hours of study for each AF exam, and, if you look at the stats, either people don't do this amount of work or th

holistic financial planning

Has the time come for holistic financial advice?

Surveys suggest that the average person has 'contact' with their mobile phone anywhere between 150 - 2,617 times a day. I don't know about you, but even the lower figure surprised me! What is less of a surprise is how little 'contact' there is between the typical regulated f


Information givers and the importance of competence

The introduction of information givers under the MiFID rules has bee a bit of a game changer. T&C has been around for over 20 years and that's a long time. Remember VHS videos, dial up broadband, CDs, Kodak Film, fax machines and phone boxes? Twenty years ago, Apple was

information givers

Information Givers and MiFID II

The forthcoming MiFID II requirements will introduce new T&C requirements for 'information givers'. What is MiFID II? Information givers is an important part of MiFID II. This comes into force on the 3rd January 2018. There are still some people who falsely believe


CII AF7 study options

Whether you have decided to sit the CII AF7 exam on Pension Transfers or you are just considering doing so, what are your AF7 study options?  If you are not sure what is available, here are some thoughts that should help you. Should I bother buying the CII AF7 study tex

holistic financial planning

Free revision material for the CII’s AF4 exam

Based on the CII’s published AF exam study pass rates, around 4 out of 10 people who sit the CII AF4 exam will fail. Here's how you can avoid being one of them. If you've never come across a website called Brainscape before, then this might help you.  It’s an on-line v


Senior Management and Certification Regime

Why should you be interested in the Senior Management and Certification Regime? If you run an investment advice business, mortgage, wealth management firm, or just about any other type of FCA authorised firm, the Senior Management & Certification regime (SM&CR) will


AF1 exam: the 5 myths

The CII's AF1 exam is one of the core exams that most people will need if they want to become Chartered.  I'll make the rash assumption that you are interested in this exam and you would like to pass AF1 first time. In this blog, I'll look at the five common myths about