CII Exam dates 2021

CII exam dates 2021

CII Exam dates 2021

Here are the CII AF exam dates for 2021. In an important change, the CII have moved away from testing most of their written exams twice a year in April and October.

Instead, there will be three exam sittings for the AF exam during 2021. The confirmed dates for each AF exam are:

CII AF exam dates, Quarter 2

Here are the dates and it is possible to book most of these exams now.

AF7: 21st April

AF1: 28th April

AF2: 26th May (final sitting)

AF5: 8th June

AF4 – 24th June 

Enrolment for the assignment-based exams – AF6, AF8 and Inclusive financial planning – can be at any time (see below).

CII AF exam dates, Quarters 3 and 4

These are dates for your diary. At the moment (3.3.21), it is not possible to book these exams.

AF7: 22nd September

AF1: 29th September

AF5: 6th October

AF4 – 11th October (subject to change)

AF2: 12th October (open only to those re-sitting, not open to new candidates)

Written exams v coursework?

Of course, the CII now offer AF6, AF8 and Inclusive financial planning on a coursework basis. This means that you have to submit assignments and there isn’t a specified exam date. But you do need to complete all three assignments within a 12 month period so if you intend to sit one of these subjects and a written AF exam, schedule the writing of your assignments to avoid the times when you will need to study for the AF written exam.

Which is the easiest CII AF exam?

In theory, this might be a sensible way to select an exam. In practice, it might not quite work-out this way. We always suggest selecting an exam that is of most use to your work and to your business. If you work in a specialist area, then your day-job may help to give you a head start in a subject where others struggle.

Here are the latest CII pass rates for the AF exams at the time of writing:

AF1 – 49%

AF2 – 40%

AF4 – 49%

AF5 – 57%

AF6 – 99%

AF7 – 43%

AF8 – 76%

NB The pass rate for assignment-based exams such as AF6 and AF8 suggest that these exams are easier than they are. This is because the pass rates are only based on those that submit and successfully complete all of their assignments – and do not include people who ‘drop out’.

Click here for the figures for previous years and to see the trends

Want to know more?

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Prepare well and be successful.

Ian Patterson

Ex-examiner and author of the current CII texts CF8, J07 and AF6

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