CII Exams

CII Exams

CII Exams Introduction

We can help you to pass your CII exams first time, whether you are starting your career in the financial services profession or working towards the prestigious Chartered status.

Level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning

CII exams deserve respect. The Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning is a ‘level 4’ qualification, made up of six ‘R0’ subjects. Level 4 is equivalent to A-level exams. The CII recommend between 50 and 100 hours of study, depending on the exam. If you are relatively new to the profession, you will need every minute of this.

Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

The CII Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning is a ‘level 6’ qualification, made up of six ‘AF’ subjects. There are a further two planned later in 2017. Level 6 is equivalent to degree standard. The CII recommend between 150 hours of study per subject and you will need to invest this amount of time to be successful.

These exams are more difficult as:

  1. The syllabus for each exam is very broad. This means that your ‘day job’ is unlikely to give you the knowledge which is sufficiently wide or in-depth to pass the exam.
  2. The AF exams test your ability to evaluate the client’s circumstances, applying your knowledge to specific client circumstances. Regurgitating lists or applying templates will not typically work.
  3. There are no multiple choice options. The exam requires written answers which means you will be faced with a blank piece of paper in the exam hall.

For people who go into these exams with their eyes open, they are very doable.

You can find details of each exam – including pass rates – by clicking on the specific subjects from the main menu. Our study material is written by people who have over 100 years of experience between them as examiners. We aim to enable you to pass first time. Their knowledge of the subject matter and focus on the key areas can help you manage your time for study.