Free revision material for the CII’s AF4 exam

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Free revision material for the CII’s AF4 exam

Based on the CII’s published AF exam study pass rates, around 4 out of 10 people who sit the CII AF4 exam will fail. Here’s how you can avoid being one of them.

If you’ve never come across a website called Brainscape before, then this might help you.  It’s an on-line version of that classic of all revision methods  – the flash (or index) card. Traditionally, this is where people studying for exams write all the difficult formulas or information down on a card and then keep looking at the cards until the information sinks in.

The beauty of Brainscape is that it’s all 21st Century. We love it! In fact, we love it so much that we’ve written some flash cards (along with the answers) on some of the more difficult bits of AF4. We never set out to cover everything in the AF4 exam but there is, we hope, some content that you will find really useful. Using the basic version of Brainscape is FREE and so are the flash cards we’ve written.

We hope that you agree that these are useful. If so, you can make your own cards electronically. Just think, you can use these on your iPad to revise when you have a spare 10 minutes or so. As I mentioned earlier, the cards we’ve written tend to focus on all the difficult to remember bits of AF4 such as some of the formulas. If you can already remember the formula for earnings per share or the Sharpe ratio, then  frankly you don’t need this. If you can’t, then you probably do!

In the CII AF4 exam, you can expect the typical exam to have 20-40 marks involving just the formulas (and/or explaining what they actually mean for a client).

Brainscape also has a ‘mastery’ feature. Once you are confident with a question and answer, it doesn’t come up so often so it forces you to focus on the bits you really struggle with.  It’s just great for ease of access and a useful learning tool.

Click here for the Brainscape website. If you then search for AF4, you’ll see that we’ve set up a set of AF4 exam study flash cards. This is our little gift to help you to pass your AF4 exam first time. To use them as flash cards, you”ll then need to register with Brainscape (which is free).

Remember that the CII recommend 150 hours of study and for many people, this will be necessary. Part of the challenge is that the AF4 exam syllabus is very broad.  Plenty of what will be in your AF4 exam is content that you are unlikely to come across in your day to day work. In fact with some of it, you probably won’t even have the necessary FCA permissions to advise on it. But that is the nature of the beast.

Additional Resources

Here are two other resources that will also help you to prepare for AF4.

AF4 exam study notes. There isn’t a study guide for the AF4 exam, so we have 150 pages of notes that cover the main elements that are typically examined in the AF4 exam. These cost £54.17 (+VAT) and this can be downloaded instantly on pdf for use on your ipad. Click here for further details and to purchase them

MP3 talking books. We are the leading provider of MP3 audio material for the AF exams, including AF4. These help you to revise and make use of your time when you are on the go. They reinforce what you know, and help you to identify and learn about what you don’t.

The material costs £58.33 (+VAT) and you can download it instantly. There is over 5 hours of material. Click here for further details and to purchase them.

Good luck with your exams.

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