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Free AF exam preparation guides

Managing Your Time

The article by Ian Patterson in the PFS’s Financial Solution magazine introduced some basic principles of how to manage your time better. It also provided a self assessment checklist so that you could identify any major time thieves – areas of your work where time tends to just disappear.

If you have used the self-check questionnaire, you may have identified some areas where you can manage your time better. The starting point of any activity is to understand what your current position is – this should help you analyse how you spend your time. But what do you do about it?

The self-assessment checklist asks 20 questions that are based on eight areas which are a common cause of poor time management.


Want to learn smarter?  Here is the 21st Century answer to ‘flash cards’. We have prepared a set of cards covering the bits of AF4 that we know people struggle with. If you are sitting AF4, then here’s a head start. If you aren’t, create you own flash cards or search Brianscape for the cards other people have written. Remember, the process of writing your own cards is an important element of committing facts to your memory.

Click here to access our AF4 flash cards.  To use these cards as flash cards, you will need to register with Brainscape (which is free).

Developing adviser skills

How do you make your advisers skills 10% better? How do you help them to have more effective and trusting relationships with clients?

Performance Management

Having an effective performance management process is an essential element of both managing people risks but also developing the potential of people within your business.

How effective is your T&C scheme?

What is the T&C culture like in your business?

CPD – how do you maximise the value of it?
Client Survey

What do clients most value about your service? How can you use this to improve your business and demonstrate the fair treatment of  your clients? Use our questionnaire along with a suitable accompanying letter.