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AF1 Bundle Personal tax and trust planning:

Audio material: 17 modules, approximately 6 hours of material. Download time: approx 6 minutes over high speed broadband

PDF study material: around 180 pages and seventeen sections

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AF1 Personal tax & trust planning:


Module 1- AF1 and Exam technique (14 minutes)
Structure of the AF1 Personal tax and trust planning exam | Exam preparation | 8 golden rules to remember in the exam | frequently tested areas

Module 2 – Taxation and self assessment (16 Minutes)
The UK Taxation system | self assessment | payment due dates | PAYE | reporting obligations

Module 3 – Income tax (27 minutes)
Definitions e.g. tax liability, tax payable | structuring income tax calculations | savings income | tax reducers | holiday lettings | rent a room relief

Module 4 – Income tax calculations (22 minutes)
Non-savings, savings and dividend income | personal allowance | the six steps for calculating income tax | taxation and family members | five types of trust – overview to how they are taxed

Module 5 – National insurance contributions (12 minutes)
Self employed v employed | class 1 contributions | company directors | class 2 contributions | small earnings exceptions | class 4 contributions and payment dates | class 3 contributions

Module 6 –Capital gains tax (20 minutes)
Rules on disposals | chattels and wasting assets | connected persons | CGT calculations | partial disposals | CGT reliefs: entrepreneurs’, holdover, business rollover, rollover relief on incorporation, reinvestment relief

Module 7 – Investments (26 minutes)
Letting residential property | taxation of onshore and offshore investment bonds | distributor and non distributor investments | gilts | PIBS | child trust funds | ISAs | futures and options | EIS and SEIS | VCTs

Module 8 – Inheritance tax (28 minutes)
Domicile and deemed domicile | exempt transfers | chargeable lifetime transfers | PETs | IHT calculations | gifts with reservation | POAT | agricultural property relief | business property relief | quick succession relief

Module 9 – Residence and domicile (23 minutes)
The three residency tests | arrivers and leavers | tax implications of residency | domicile | deemed domicile | non domicile | double taxation

Module 10 – An introduction to trusts (30 minutes)
The structure of trusts: settlor, trustees, trust property, beneficiaries | the role of the trustees: Trustee Act 2000 | Saunders v Vautier | introduction to eleven types of trust

Module 11 –Trust creation (21 minutes)
The four ways of creating a trust | the three certainties | Perpetuities and Accumulations Act 1964 and 2009 | the ten most common uses of trusts

Module 12 –Trust investment and administration (18 minutes)
Investment powers and duties: Trustee Act 2000 | conversion and accumulation | Variation of Trust Act 1958 | charitable trusts | offshore trusts

Module 13 – Powers of attorney (18 Minutes)
Powers of attorney | enduring powers of attorney | Court of Protection | Mental Capacity Act 2005 | lasting powers of attorney | Office of the Public Guardian

Module 14 – Wills and intestacy (21 minutes)
The process and consequences of dying testate and intestate | disclaimer | deed of variation | challenging a will

Module 15 – Bankruptcy (19 minutes)
The basics of bankruptcy | Enterprise Act 2002 | role of the trustee in bankruptcy | priority for payments | prior transactions | effect of insolvency on investments and pensions | Individual Voluntary Agreements | tax issues

Module 16 – The taxation of trusts (36 minutes)
Income tax: bare, interest in possession, discretionary and A&M trusts | CGT: bare, interest in possession, discretionary and A&M trusts | Inheritance tax: bare, interest in possession, discretionary and A&M trusts | pre – and post -Budget 2006 | overseas trusts | the administration of tax on death

Module 17 –Trusts, life insurances and pensions (35 minutes)
Married Woman’s Property Act 1882 | non-statutory trusts | the tax position of policies under trust | POAT | associated operations | main uses of trust policies | trusts and pensions

AF1 Personal tax & trust planning:

AF1 Personal tax & trust planning: