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Our AF4 Audio material and Study Notes have been updated and are suitable for exams from October 2020.

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AF4 Bundle – Investment Planning:

Audio material – 12 modules, approximately 5 hours of material. Download time: approx 6 minutes over high speed broadband

PDF study notes – around 150 pages covering seventeen sections

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AF4 Investment planning audio


Module 1 (17 minutes)
AF4 and Exam technique Structure of the AF4 Investment Planning exam | exam preparation | 8 rules to remember in the exam | frequently tested areas

Module 2 (33 minutes)
Economic Issues and Investment Portfolios Investment trends – political, international and speculation | seven economic and financial forces | supply and demand | the financial system | government and financial markets | role of central banks

Module 3 (22 minutes)
Portfolio risks and returns Measurements of returns | measurement of risk | correlation and covariance | modern portfolio theory | systematic and unsystematic risk | capital asset pricing model | arbitrage pricing theory

Module 4 (17 minutes)
Client Objectives and Constraints Client objectives | timescale | inflation | tax | risk | socially responsible investments (SRIs)

Module 5 (21 minutes)
Discretionary and Advisery Management Investment management services, including advisory and disretionary services | Regulatory requirements: centralised investment propositions, client agreements, client assets | Reporting requirements, eg contract notes | Fiduciary relationships with private clients, charities and trustees

Module 6 (35 minutes)
The risk and returns of the main asset classes – part one Characteristics of cash, fixed interest securities and property – buy to let, direct investment in commercial property and investment vehicles, eg REITS

Module 7 (32 minutes)
The risk and returns of the main asset classes – part two How shares are issued | measures of values – dividend yield, P/E ratio and NAV | categorising different types of share | measuring risk and return – profitability, profit volatility, liquidity management and operational efficiency

Module 8 (36 minutes)
Risk and returns from alternative investments Private equity | EIS and SEIS | VCTs | derivatives | commodities | hedge funds | art and antiques | structured products

Module 9 (27 minutes)
The portfolio construction process and asset allocation Optimisation models | benchmarks | passive investment management | efficient market hypothesis | active investment management – top-down and bottom-up | switching

Module 10 (15 minutes)
Assessing portfolio performance and investment management services
Financial calculations | indices | using statistical data | investment criteria | past performance | choosing a fund manager | options for portfolio investment | advisory and discretionary investment management | charging structures

Module 11 (18 minutes)
The portfolio construction process and asset allocation Efficient frontier | benchmarks | active and passive | efficient market hypothesis | investment strategies | switching

Module 12 (21 minutes)
Assessing portfolio performance Risk adjusted returns: alpha and sharp ratios | information ratio | stock market indicies | time weighted returns and money weighted returns | comparing performance

AF4 Investment planning audio


AF4 Investment planning audio