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Our AF7 audio material has been updated and is suitable for exams from October 2019.

Our AF7 exam audio study book on Pension Transfers has over 3 1/2  hours of simple and effective MP3 exam study material. Learning on the go.  Use it when commuting, running, at the gym and just about anywhere! Instant download.

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AF7 Pension Transfers. Size: 9 modules, over 3 1/2 hours of material
Download time: approx 3 minutes over high speed broadband

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R02 Investment Principles and Risk exam material
Module 1 (16 minutes)
AF7: the exam and preparing for it AF7 credits towards Chartered status or the Certificate of Pension Transfers | how the AF7 Pension Transfers exam is structured | exam preparation – pre-exam | exam technique – 10 golden rules

Module 2 (20 minutes)
The regulatory background APTA and other FCA rules that apply to transfers | types of safeguarded benefit | duties of scheme trustees when transferring | the rules for statutory transfers

Module 3 (26 minutes)
The pensions transfer advice process Pre-retirement and at-retirement transfer advice | stages of the advice process | hard and soft facts | transfer value statements | TVC | APTA | critical yields | annuity interest rate (AIR)

Module 4 (20 minutes)
DB schemes and safeguarded benefits Part 1 Safeguarded benefits, e.g. GAR benefits | benefits given up when leaving a DB scheme | escalation of GMP and excess benefits | pension increase exchange (PIE) | death benefits | definition of dependant | death when receiving a scheme pension

Module 5 (23 minutes)
DB schemes and safeguarded benefits Part 2 Early leaver options: refund of member contributions, preserved pension | GMP revaluation rates | CETV: four steps | why T/Vs might change over time | CETV v TVC | initial cash equivalent (ICE) | enhanced T/Vs

Module 6 (28 minutes)
Transferring between different types of pensions Charges | risks associated with transfers, i.e. sequencing, mortality, longevity, inflation | death and ill-health benefits compared: ceding scheme verses receiving scheme | money purchase schemes – options when taking benefits

Module 7 (35 minutes)
Key issues for pension transfer advice The lifetime allowance | transitional protections | the pension protection fund | overseas transfers

Module 8 (31 minutes)
Practical aspects of advising on pension transfers Different transfer scenarios and the implications on the advice given | the different styles of question asked in AF7 | cash-flow modelling | self-investment – SIPPs and SSAS’s loans and borrowing| general retirement planning considerations, e.g. when and how to access benefits, tax considerations and the MPAA | purchase of a buy-to-let property

Module 9 (15 minutes)

Crammer module This consists of the summaries of the previous modules.


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AF4 Investment planning audio

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