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R04 Exam – Pension and Retirement Planning. Size: 13 modules, over 5 hours of material
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R04 Pension and retirement

Introduction (2 minutes)

Module 1 (11 minutes)
R04: the exam and preparing for it CII Regulated Diploma exam structure | the R04 exam | multiple-choice questions | exam preparation | 7 golden rules for the exam

Module 2 (20 minutes)
Political, economic and social environmental factors Government pension reforms | attitudes towards pensions | the ageing population | corporate responsibilities | pensions incentives / disincentives | the 3 main pension types: state, defined benefits, defined contribution

Module 3 (42 minutes)
HMRC Regime – part 1 Relevant UK individuals | tax relief | relevant excess contribution | normal minimum pension age | PCLS | taxation of death benefits | trivial lump sum and ‘small pots’ | tax treatment of pension funds | dependants, nominees and successors | the four tax charges

Module 4 (40 minutes)
HMRC Regime – part 2 Annual allowance and tapered AA | pension input period (PIP) | carry forward | transitional arrangements | Money Purchase Annual Allowance (MPAA)| BCEs | lifetime allowance | protected pension age

Module 5 (19 minutes)
HMRC Regime – part 3 Primary protection | enhanced protection | protecting a higher TFC entitlement | fixed protection 2012, 2014 and 2016 |individual protection 2014 and 2016

Module 6 (23 minutes)
Pensions law and regulation The Pension Regulator | FOS | FAS and PPF | duties of pension scheme trustees | pensions and divorce: earmarking, off-setting, sharing | stakeholder pensions and auto-enrolment

Module 7 (25 minutes)
Defined benefit schemes Options for early leavers: refund of contributions, preserved benefits, transfer | features of a DB scheme | GMP revaluation – fixed, limited, full | FCA transfer rules, e.g. APTA and TVCs

Module 8 (20 minutes)
Defined contribution schemes Types of money purchase scheme | contributions and tax relief | statutory money purchase illustrations | benefits on retirement, ill-health and death

Module 9 (29 minutes)
Drawing pension benefits – part 1 Secured pensions: scheme pensions, lifetime annuity and flexible lifetime annuity | what affects annuity rates? | with-profit and unit linked annuities | advantages/disadvantages of each type of pension option: secured pensions, UFPLS, capped and flexi-access drawdown | drawdown to drawdown transfer

Module 10 (16 minutes)
Drawing pension benefits – part 2 Phased retirement | advantages/disadvantages of phased retirement | FCA requirements, e.g. risk warnings | MaPs and Pension Wise

Module 11 (17 minutes)
State pensions State pension age | pre- 6 April 2016 rules | post- 6 April 2016 rules | foundation amount | triple lock guarantee | state pensions credit |Bereavement Support Payment

Module 12 (24 minutes)
Retirement planning Accumulating pension savings | pension fund investment | client objectives | accessing pension benefits | tax planning | alternatives to pensions, e.g. ISAs and sale of a business

Module 13 (23 minutes)
Crammer module This consists of the summaries of the previous modules.

R04 Pension and retirement

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R04 Pension and retirement

CII R04 exam syllabus

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