R0 Study Material

R0 Study Material

  • R01 audio – Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics

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  • R02 audio – Investment Principles and Risk

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  • R03 audio – Personal Taxation

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  • r04 exam

    R04 audio – Pension and Retirement Planning

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  • R05 exam

    R05 audio – Financial Protection

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  • r06 exam

    R06 audio – Financial Planning Practice

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R0 study material for people looking to pass their R0 exams first time.

What R0 subjects are there?

There are six exams in the Chartered Insurance Institute’s (CII) level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning:

R01 – Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics (20 credits)

R02 – Investment Principles and Risk (20 credits)

R03 – Personal Taxation (10 credits)

R04 – Pensions and Retirement Planning (10 credits)

R05 – Financial Protection (10 credits)

R06 – Financial Planning Practice (30 credits)

This qualification is required for anyone wishing to be authorised as an regulated investment adviser. In addition, there is one further R0 subject:

R07 – Advanced Mortgage Advice*

*we do not have material to support this subject.

Click here for full details from the CII website.

What is the ‘best order’ to complete the R0s?

This will depend on the business you work for and, to some extent, your preferences. For many people, starting with R01 and finishing with R06 works well. An alternative to this would be: R05, R03, R02, R01, and R04. R06 is a written exam (the others are all multiple choice) and there are only four exam sittings a year. As this is a very technique-driven exam, many people should be able to complete this at a convenient time by using exam-specific preparation material.

The CII suggest between 50 and 100 hours study per subject. People who are relatively new to the financial services profession, are likely to need this amount of study to pass each exam. That’s where our R0 study material can help.

How difficult are they?

The pass mark vary between the R0 exams – R01-R04 is 65%, R05 is 70% and R06 is 55%.

R0 pass rates

Of the multiple-choice R0 exams, statistically R03 and R04 are the hardest. R05 is the easiest.

R01 68% 69% 69%64%63.77%64.46%57.01%
R03 54% 65% 65%56%52.55%48.71%50.46%

Source: CII website

How can we help?

We provide MP3 study material for R01-6. They should be used in conjunction with a study text and practice questions such as the CII’s RevisionMate questions. There’s never enough time to study for exams so our MP3s provide a convenient way of making use of time such as commuting, walking, in the gym… That’s why our audio study material have proved popular with so many people in the past.