T&C Services

T&C Services

Small Firms T & C CheckAll firms could potentially benefit from a T&C audit. Smaller firms, perhaps more than most, need quality T&C guidance. Successful businesses really do depend on the quality of their people. Likewise, time and money are often at a premium so they need to ensure that T&C drives the types of behaviours they need to succeed; not add to a bureaucratic burden that is ignored by all.

Does your T&C add value? Is it used? Is it light on paperwork and high on impact? How do you determine the competence of ‘information givers’? How do you effectively monitor competence?

Are your T&C procedures also up to date? MiFID and the forthcoming SM&CR both require firms to ensure that most staff in a firm will need to be competent. This goes beyond merely ensuring that advisers (and those that supervise them) are covered by T&C.

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If you are looking for some answers, we offer two low cost options – you chose which is most appropriate for your investment business.

Option 1

T&C template (procedures + key documentation + observation aids)

What you will get

Option 1 gives you effective T&C procedures in less than 20 pages plus key documentation. This includes a suggested risk-based approach to T&C, KPIs, client satisfaction survey, observation forms (and soft skills development form).

This will ensure that you have the procedures and controls in place to effectively develop skills and advice levels within your business.


1 hour Skype/Facetime/audio conference call with Ian Patterson

This will give simple and practical procedures to use and reflect current T&C best practice.

Option 2

Review of your current procedures + written gap analysis

What you will get

Option 2 gives you professional guidance on your current procedures. These can be sent electronically, reviewed and a written gap analysis drawn up. This would highlight:

  1. Any gaps with current T&C rules and guidance, and
  2. suggest areas where procedures can be enhanced enabling you to benchmark yourself against FSA T&C requirements and market practice.


1 hour Skype conference call with Ian Patterson

Both options cost £1,800 plus VAT

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