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CII AF7 exam

CII AF7 study options

Whether you have decided to sit the CII AF7 exam on Pension Transfers or you are just considering doing so, what are your AF7 study options?  If you are not sure what is available, here are some thoughts that should help you.

Should I bother buying the CII AF7 study text?

Slightly surprisingly, this is a question we are getting asked quite a lot. I say surprisingly because most people will get the CII AF7 study text whether you like it or not when you enter the AF7 exam!  This is provided as an e-book (a format that cannot be printed).

Should I read the AF7 study text? 

So you will get the AF7 study text anyway. A closely related question is ‘should I read it?’ I think that the answer to this question will be ‘yes, in part’ for most people sitting the AF7 exam. Anyone who has already seen the AF7 study text will know that you are not going to find the depth of AF7 content in any other CII study text.  There is some overlap with parts of R04 and J05 (Pension Income Options) – but there is a lot of new content. This extra depth (and how it is tested) is what sets AF7 apart from R04.

What other AF7 study options are available?

This depends on which study option you purchase from the CII.  If you purchase their enrolment option, then you will get the exam entry and the AF7 non-printable e-book.

If you purchase enrolment plus, you will get the  e-book, paper study text , exam entry and MP3 audio material

The last 2 exam papers are available free from the CII website (on the right hand side of the page)

There are also practice papers that you can purchase from other training providers. Search for ‘AF7 exam papers’ or something similar to find these.


Best wishes for the exam

Ian Patterson

Ex-examiner and author of the CII study texts: CF8, J07 and AF6

P.S. Many of our blogs are inspired form questions we get asked. If you have questions about the CII R0 and AF exams (not technical queries), tell us and we’ll do our best to answer you.