Training Solutions

Training Solutions

We provide simple and effective training solutions for the Financial Services profession. Whether you are an individual or a business, we believe we can help you to become more effective at what you do.

Ian Patterson has over 34 years experience in adviser roles, senior management and running the Patterson Group. He is a Chartered Insurance Practitioner, trainer and author of eight study texts (including the current CII study texts for AF6 – Senior Management and Supervision and J07 – Supervision in a Regulated Environment).

We focus on the Financial Services profession but draw upon the experience we have gained from working with a wide range of companies from HSBC, Sainsburys, Marks and Spencer, Specsaver and Royal Bank of Scotland.This enables us to provide proven solutions tailored to suit your needs.

Improved performance is the result of:
1. Building self-awareness. To improve, you need to recognise there is a need to do so and be clear what is required to make the difference.
2. Developing the skills and motivation to do so. Making a difference results from applying the correct process and behaviours.

The links below show some of the key solutions we provide. Click on these pages for further details or click here to contact us to discuss your needs.